How To Buy
Amazing British Columbia

Amazing British Columbia: A Natural History From A To Z.
ISBN: 978-0-9813476-0-8
Author: Audrey Owen
Publisher: Steppingstone Resources

People all over are asking how to buy Amazing British Columbia: A Natural History From A To Z.

Bookstores Carry Amazing British Columbia

Since it came out on December 16, 2009, Amazing British Columbia has found a home in several bookstores. These are all stores I could reach by car within the time frame available to me.

I have applied for a contract with a book distributor. Until I have a signed contract, I can deal directly with a bookstore. Normal discounts and return policies apply. I am happy to supply books to bookstores now in places where tourist sales are expected to be high.

If you want to wait until I have a signed contract with a distributor, contact me explaining that you want to be on a list of stores to be notified when normal distribution is set up. I will be notifying stores when they can begin ordering from the distributor.

Specialty Stores Carry Amazing British Columbia

With the high interest in Amazing British Columbia as a souvenir book for tourists, gift shops, museums, and other outlets where tourists congregate are stocking this book.

If you want to place Amazing British Columbia in such a spot, please contact me. For now, I am happy to supply books to you directly. When I have a contract with a distributor, I can let you know.

Individuals Buy Amazing British Columbia

Children own Amazing British Columbia. So do their teachers. That makes sense because it is, after all, an alphabet book.

But local seniors have been buying the book. So have people of all ages who want to send a special gift to family and friends overseas. If you are not in a hurry to get your own copy, do go to your local bookstore and give them the information from this Web site so they can order the book for you.

If you are in a hurry, contact me. I can take payment by cheque or PayPal.

Here is the retail cost of the book.

Cost per book $19.95+GST 5%+S&H*

*Shipping and Handling
First two books, $5.50 each.
Due to the vagaries of Canada Post, rates for larger orders must be calculated individually. Please ask, giving your exact postal code and number of books to be sent.

For purchase orders by mail, send to

Steppingstone Resources
494 Eaglecrest Drive
Gibsons, BC
V0N 1V8

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