Thank you for your interest in Amazing British Columbia.

The printer says that 5000 copies will be delivered on December 16. That's in time for you to get your copies by Christmas.

Some people are buying multiple copies and giving Amazing British Columbia to young friends for Christmas. Even not-so-young people will be finding this intriguing book under their tree because the information will appeal to anyone interested in amazing facts.

You can order your own copies by replying to this email or sending snail mail to Audrey Owen 494 Eaglecrest Drive Gibsons, BC V0N 1V8

Each of 1-4 copies costs $19.95 plus shipping and handling. The S&H for one book is $5 and may be lower for multiple copies depending on where you live and how many books you buy.

Bulk orders for 5-9 books are priced at $15.96 each (20% discount) plus S&H and, orders for 10 or more books are priced at $11.97 each (40% discount) plus S&H. The S&H costs vary depending on where you live. I can accept cheques, postal money orders, or PayPal. Email me for information on how to pay using PayPal.

You can also help to spread the word about Amazing British Columbia by sending people to the Web site

The purpose of the Web site is to list resources. It will be continually updated. From time to time I may remind you to visit again to view new features.

As I type this, fourteen letters have their own pages. I hope to have all 26 pages finished by the time the books arrive. The completed pages each have a section at the bottom for others to add what they know about the topic. I invite you to add your own photos, stories, and tidbits of information to enrich the learning of the kids who buy the book and go on to visit the Web site.

My best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season.


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